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Sky is the limit - Xaikoo

Limitless Sky

Skyline Wallpaper 29339.jpg

The sky is the limit…

Or is it? Is sky the limit? Maybe or maybe not. What if my thought and my dreams are beyond the sky itself? Sky had a limit. But I am limit less? So how do I define my limit? Space? Time? Imagination? But even space, time and imagination has a limit. It all come to a close at a certain point. But my limit does not. Then my question is still unanswered. What is my limit?

Let's me ask myself what my limit is. My limit is my passion. My passion to prove myself. My passion for a better result, a better answer and an even better question. From whom do I need these better result, these better answer and even better question from? From myself! YES!! I found my limit. My limit is not sky or space or time or imagination, my limit is me. I am my own limit!

Sky is not the limit - Releasing August 13th 2018