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Loser (Poem) - Xaikoo

I am a loser.jpg

The mighty worthless loser me.

I’m so worthless

That even writing or typing

This was also a big thing for me

I’m like that son of the king

Who got everything 

But not because he earned it

But because he had it because of 

Something his forefathers has done

All he ever had was just luck

And now even his luck is taking off

The sad truth is that he now understands

That he is worthless

And that is the worst feeling out there

He thought of himself as a big man

Who had all what he thought he had

It included power, knowledge, courage

Fame, the master of the game and also name 

But in reality all he ever was, was a shame 

A shame in the name of his race

A shame in the call of the man

In reality he is a joke of a topic 

And all those he thought was wrong 

And fear him were actually the true winners

And he on the other hand is just out there

Like any other loser another one.

Or was he the only one who was such a loser?

If so then he maybe finally succeeded.

He succeeded in being unique. In being a winner. 

As he won being the greatest. A greatest loser!

This is the story of “The mighty worthless loser king” because he even fails at losing as well. Even loss regrets being with him. Such is the story of me.